Tuesday, March 17, 2009

46TH. Die terkangkang in the coffin...

Today was my first midterm exam, and it was Advanced Taxation. I did mention in my blog that Taxation 1 is tough, Taxation 2 was killing me, and this time is Advanced Taxation, so you can imagine la, I die terkangkang in the coffin.

Maybe is because I hug the Buddha’s leg last minutes lo, but I still don’t get it, last time when I study last minute also can score, now, study many time also can’t score, especially calculation question. Last time I use to like calculation question, cause I found it kinda easy for me, but now, I prefer writing question. The reason is because I can crap at least if I don’t know how to do, but calculation, even thought I know the formula, I still cannot do, cause I don’t get the true concept.

Tommorow I have 2 papers, one is calculation paper in the morning, and the other one is theoretical question at night. Today one paper I die terkangkang, tomorrow 2 papers, I think I will die terbalik…Help me if you can… SOS