Sunday, April 26, 2009

50TH. Sweet~

Got a lot of complain, saying that I never update my blog… Where got, recently I got update what… My last post was at………….. Not important… Don’t know why I feel like writing out what my friend complained about my blog. I know some of you all are not interested but just go through la. Some complain I always wrote in Mandarin and they can’t read; some said why always talk about assignment, very boring; some said I took very long to update, a lot of spider web; some said they had a bad mood, so visit my blog, manatau never update, lagi ‘pek cek’… For those who don’t understand what is ‘pek cek’, its mean headache… Now, I will write more English post, not about assignments, not boring, and entertaining… Wow, what a difficult task… But I will try… This blog is going to be what I had gone through last week.

First, Monday, nothing special happened. Attended my friend’s seminar. That’s all… Oh my god, this is going to be a boring post… Forget about it. To the main point straight. Haha… (-_-!!!)

This Friday, I went up to Kuala Lumpur with Ken, to find houses for our industrial training. We had got several contacts, thanks to Ai Jen’s mummy. We took approximately 3 hours to get to Bandar Sunway. Okie, if you are laughing, just please stop it. The reason why we took that long is me and Ken don know KL or Seremban’s road at all. And we don’t have GPS. One of my dear friends, she so call herself a walking GPS for me, gave a not very accurate direction. Haha… Don’t scold me, you memang not a good GPS. Haha… No la, actually we miss a small sign board to USJ. Then, we stop at a side, and call for help. We called, 5 people, and all of them gave us different answer. There were one or two persons said the same thing la. But luckily, we manage to reach Bandar Sunway, safely. We fetched my walking GPS and go down to Damansara. Oh ya, we actually planned to go Damansara, not Bandar Sunway. We went to Sunway just to fetch my friend only.

Driving is very exhausting, can’t really deny that. We reach One Utama at 12 something, and we had a delicious lunch, in Chili’s. Thanks to Rebekah. We couldn’t finish our food, not that it’s not nice, just that the portion was too big. It’s looked small in the menu you see. (-_-!!!)
We had a walk in One Utama, but we didn’t shop. Rebekah manages to buy something in Forever 21, but she blamed me. She said because of me, she has to waste money. Pengsan~
Time is up, we went to see one units at Jasmine Tower and three units at Pelangi Utama. Some was not suitable, some was ok but too expensive. However, we manage to find one which is cheap, and nice, although got a bit far from our walking place, but cheap. If you find houses through agents, you have to rent at least one year, but this one was not go through agents, so we manage to rent for 6 months if we want. Oh ya, forget to mention, the place is at Pelangi Damansara. It was a very tiring day. But worth it. And seriously I have to get a GPS phone when I am up for training…

Yestarday, I went to a Prom , organized by one of the society in MMU. Not that I like to condemn the Prom, but the food really suck… Too little to be choose. The program was ok, nothing much to complain, just the food, that’s all. No offence, it make me feel that the amount of money that I paid, not worth it. After that, we went to Pure. Freaking a lot of people there… Luckily I and Shaun manage to get a small little space at the bar counter there. I got a bit ‘high’ yesterday. Want some more? Haha…

To be continue… Wakaka…