Thursday, May 28, 2009

53RD. KPMG, here i come...

Yesterday was my last day of exam… And finally, I am going up to PJ to have my internship. Yeah~ Can’t wait.

I still can remember the feeling when I hand up my answer book yesterday, it was like………….. I find no word to describe it… Cause it was too wonderful… Haha… However, I already know that the Advance Taxation I will fail for sure. And I already prepare myself and my feeling to take the supplementary paper. Haha… Another one could be Securities Investment, that one I also not very sure about the answer. Haiz… Whatever it is, it’s already over. Now, I just have to pack my stuff, pack my feeling and pack myself, go to my new house in PJ and start training on Monday.

Starting from yesterday, my phone is giving me headache. My phonebook gone due to the data corrupted. What is it? I also don’t know what the hell it is… This is giving me another reason to change phone… Blackberry storm, perhaps… But, hope my phone will stay guai guai till I change a new phone.

Now everything is ok, but I am still worrying about two things.

One, I don’t have a GPS, I am very bad in direction. I am still figuring out Melaka road but now I have to start to learn PJ road. I want to faint d… Haiz… Another funny thing is, I know how to go to my office, my new house from Melaka. But, I have no idea how to come back Melaka from there… This is why I said I need a GPS. However, as my friend said, as long as you have money, phone, and car, I worry to nothing. Ok, at least he is right.

Two, I am so excited for my internship. I don’t know what I should do, but I am just excited. Haha… Hopefully I can learn a lot of thing there and get well with my colleagues. And hopefully won’t get bullied by them. I think won’t gua… I am not that ‘Shue Heng’ rite? (-_-!!!)

I think I will definitely miss Melaka, miss my brothers, my family, my friends, my pig, and my dog, Coldy. Oh ya, last week I found this photo in my sister’s file, Coldy’s photo. And I find it very adorable. So just want to share with you all… He is my dog, named Coldy.

Name : Coldy Ee
Age : Less than 1 year
Gender : Male
Type : Maltese
Hobby : Bite my finger, run everywhere, sit car, enjoying air-con, roll over my bed, and EAT…

Cute rite? Hehe...

Okie la, today I blog till here la… Bye bye…