Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2ND. Curse

Just only finished a paper… Now two down, two more to go… Haiz… How good is it if there is no exam in this world… My mummy said, if there is no exam, there will be a need to study… May be what my mummy said is true… Arh…… But no choice, to have a better future and a better life, I have to follow this kind of routine, for several years…

Just now talking with my friend, we talked about one issue. We talked about the role of ‘distance’ in a relationship. It is a very serious issue, for me at least… We both have a same thinking, which is, distance is playing an important role in relationship, and it can change your life thoroughly. Of course, there are some exemptions, which are, both the guy and girl have a very good trust toward each other. But who can? There are so many distractions… It is just like a devil will keep on asking you, go to have fun, and forget about all the consequences.

‘Out of sight, out of mind.’

The sentence is simple, but the meaning behind, mean a lot. And this quote is perfectly explained and supports the role of ‘distance’. When your boyfriend or girlfriend is not at your side, working or may be studying in the other place, what you can do is just make a call and take to him or her. Two friends of mine discuss with me regarding to his issue before.

One of it said that: “A new place, a new environment, a new world. When you firstly reach a totally new place, there are so so so many entertainments, so many excitements waiting for you.” I never doubt her point because I know that she told me based on her own experience.
Another friend of mine, told me that: “When you are not there when he or she need you the most. And at the same time, other people will take this opportunity to sut into your relationship.”
I knew this long long times ago. This is the fact, this is the reality, and this is the role of ‘distance’. Or should I say, this is the power of ‘distance’. I guess, I will never be able to break this power, break this curse…

"Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together."