Tuesday, July 7, 2009

54TH. Ellllloooooo...

Helllllo, guys and girls, how are you. Fuhhh… Finally I have one post since I start my internship in PJ. There is no internet connection ate my house there, so I cant online always. I can online in the office, but, impossible I want to update my blog in the office right? Those senior will scold me upside down for sure.

It had been one months plus, I guess I already settle down with my life here in PJ. Nothing change, just that I need to wash cloths, sleep without air-con (it is killing me, but I’m still survive.), always eat outside the house (no one can cook. I can but lazy. Haha…), wake up at 7am every weekdays, grow fat, and cannot online all the time.

Basically, the internship life in KPMG PJ, is fun, in some part la. Cause I get to learn a lot of stuff. But I am not going to explain further. Haha… Let’s talk something interesting.

Girls, I am in PJ, not Melaka. What is happening there in Melaka now? Who can update me? I want update update.

I want to know who is the new ‘fly’ that dates Desiree.
I want to know is Shaun, my bro, still alive or not.
I want to know has Coldy learn how to talk already or not.
I want to know has Yielin plan to marry already or not.
I want to know how Janet is doing now.
I want to know what is happening in Melaka now.
And finally, I want to know Pure still open or not.

Haha… I think there will be a lot of answers as well as also respond, and I think somebody, I don know who, but someone, is going to scold me. Haha… Well, I really miss you guys… This time,definitely, for sure, confirm, hundreeeeed percent, ‘Yat Bak Ba Sin’, I am going back to Melaka on this Friday. Haha…

Ok, that’s all for today. Bye guys and girls. Miss you all and make sure you all miss me ya.

p.s: For those who don’t know, actually Coldy is my dog. Hehe…