Thursday, January 15, 2009

37TH. Old to New

This is the first post for me in year 2009. Nothing special to write about, but don’t know, I feel like write a English post today… At first, I want to write about my Christmas and New Year, but I’m yet to get the pictures… And I think it will be kind of dull if I put all the word only… So I plan to put some picture, with some simple wording, then it will become more interesting, that’s what I think. Hope to get the pictures soon.

For year 2008, there is not much for me to conclude actually. I was single for the whole year… Haha… So sad, nobody wants me… Well, it doesn’t matter for me anymore… I don’t care, anymore… I start to accept what my mother said, ‘if it is yours, it will be yours…’ So now I am not hunting anyone, but I am kinda waiting for the day it come, the day that my fate reaching in front of me, open the door to reach my heart. Other than that, I went to a lot of places; get to know a lot of new friends, start to think differently, start to act differently. I don’t dare to say I am a mature person, but at least, I am more mature as compare to the last time me.

Besides, some of my close friend have started a new relationship in year 2008, wish them all the best, and hopefully you all won’t forget about me. And I also hope their partners will treat them nicely. For those who still single and still searching for the Mr. and Ms Right, wish you will find them in year 2009.

For my study part, it was like a nightmare for me, for all the accounting student I suppose. Tax, Tax 2, Corporate Accounting, all these killing subject did really kill us. Although I manage to survive, I got a lot of injuries. Next trimester going be a hard trimester as well, but after that trimester, I will be going for my practical training… Still don’t know yet where to go, depend on which firm wants to accept me.

As usual, since it is a brand new year for all of us, everyone will have their own hopes or wishes which they are wishing for. Last year, I give all my three wishes for my friends, I keep none for myself, because I don’t have any wishes actually. This year, more likely the same, but I keep one for myself. Hehe… First, I wish all my family members get a healthy life, happy forever, and wish those who are still single manage to find their love in year 2009. Second, I wish those who said their life were always boring to have a interesting life in year 2009, so that they can become a better story teller. Hehe… And the last one is, I hope year 2009 will be a better year for me, in all area, at least better than year 2008.