Monday, December 8, 2008

34TH. Je t'aime

Few days ago, I went to search online the various languages for ‘I Love You’. Then only I realize there are so many different languages in pronouncing ‘I Love You’. I never really go to count one by one, but I am sure that there are more than hundred. It list from countries with the alphabet A to countries with the alphabet Z. And now only I know, there are some countries that the name starts with Z. Hehe… I did read thru all of it, those that I familiar with are Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, and English. I tried to pronounce some, but it sound pretty funny for me. I do not know whether I pronounce it correctly or not, I would not pronounce it to anyone or explain it to anyone, till I had figured what is the proper pronunciation. These are the few ‘famous’ examples:

Brazilian/Portuguese : Eu te amo

French : Je t'aime ("I love you"), Je t'adore ("I love you", stronger meaning between lovers)

German : Ich liebe dich

Italian : Ti amo (relationship/lover/spouse)

Japanes : Aishiteiru

Korean : Dangsineul saranghaeyo ("I love you, dear")

Latin : Te amo/Vos amo

Spanish : Te amo/Te quiero/Te adoro

Pretty interesting hah? Now I really feel like learning some foreign languages. And I had decided to learn French. Cause I want to talk with her in French in the future, make her surprise. And if things really gone worst, I would apply my job in France in future, just to shorten the distance.

I love you, and i love you all... Have a nice day...