Thursday, April 16, 2009

49TH. Go die!!!

This few weeks, I had been busy for a lot of thing… Assignment, event, assignment, assignment, and assignment. Why there are so many assignments in MMU? And most of the lecturer, use us as his/her slave, to help them in their research. For me, it is nothing wrong with it, but it is just got too over. Some lecturers are just too particular into some shit… Yea, of course, there are some who don’t even care you got do or not… But today I not going to talk about assignment again, cause reader will get bored if I keep on writing about assignment. I am going to blog about ‘Leader with bullshit leadership’.

A leader, according to Ee Wui Chien Dictionary, a leader is the one who lead the group or team members to a goal. Mark my word, I use ‘lead’. But there are some idiot leaders who ‘order’ his/her group members to do the entire job, and he/she do nothing, play facebook maybe… I hate this kind of leader, in fact, I would not admit this kind of person as my leader, no way… Not necessarily a person have to be a good leader, just don’t become a bad or worst leader is sufficient enough for me. A leader do not necessarily must have a special ability or skill, but he/she must know how to put him/herself in the team member’s shoe.

Don’t be misunderstood, I am not referring to any one of my leaders, all my leaders are good leader, lucky me. I write this because I felt pity for one of my friend to have such a leader. However, he/she is a tough person who able to finish all the tasks by him/her own. Just wish that he/she won’t get this kind of leader again in the future… To judge a person whether he/she is a good leader or not, what you need to do is, see how many people support him/her. This is the most accurate method that I know up to this moment.

A good leader must walk forward/backward together with the team, not push the team goes forward and you hide at the back.