Thursday, October 23, 2008

27TH. Timez to take a REST

This is my first blog, after my torturing two weeks exam. This is also my first English blog, after so many Chinese blog which I had post. Just now, before I come out from my house, I just had the feeling to write a blog, an English blog. Today is Wednesday, going to be Thursday soon. I spent my whole day at home (before I came out), watching a Hong Kong drama. Finally, I had the mood to blogging. Or should I said, I finally have the time to sit down alone and blogging.

Saturday was my last paper. After that paper, I drive straight to cut my hair, because my parent keeps on complaining that my hair was very long. Took about 45 minutes, then I went to Jusco to buy two bottles of red wine, as birthday present to two friend of mine. Thanks to an auntie who works there, she recommends me two good wines and I think it suit perfectly for them. Minutes after, I meet up with Nicole and had lunch together at Shackey Pizza. Supposing we wanted to eat sushi, but Sushi King was kind of full, so switch to pizza. Due to over ordered, we can’t finished the pizza but we spent about 45 minutes to enjoy our food as well as our life. After lunch, I rushed back home, to clean up my room. The reason I was so eager to clean up my room is because Yin, King, and San was on their way back to Melaka, and three of them, plus another 4 friends of mine, were going to stay at house. Although it was kind of pack, but we manage to sleep well in my tiny room. That day we had our dinner at my father restaurants. Hope all of them like the foods that I ordered for them. We went to Jonker Street. As usual, many people shopped at there, thus, made the environment become kind of hot. After awhile, we went to Pure Bar. That’s was a bad idea to go to Pure Bar at that day. It was so pack for us to find a place to stand and also air to breathe. We didn’t spend long there; we went for supper and then went to my house to rest.

Sunday, the first thing we went for was to eat Bak Kut Teh. It had been awhile for all of us to sit down and eat Bak Kut Teh together. After the delicious branch, we went to Dataran Pahlawan for a walk. Don’t know how long it took, we went to eat again. We split into two, Chui Ying and Hui Ying went to eat ice, and other (Me, King, San, Agnes, Janet, Agnes, Yin) went to Nadeje to eat layer cakes. I don’t know what was happening to Chui Ying and Hui Ying there, but the first thing that we did when we went into that shop was, took out the camera and shot. I think the workers there also ‘PENENG’ when he saw us. 5pm, Lee Ying came to join us and went to GO GO KTV to sing together. We had our wonder moment before we went to McQuek to have dinner. McQuek is a place which sell ‘Satay Celup’. I know this place very well. The last time I came here was a year ago, with a girl. I took my usual favorite foods, like ‘Tau Ki’, bird egg, cheese sausage, and ordered watermelon juice, the juice that I will always order when I am here. But I can’t ever see again an orange juice with salt here again. We went home after that, took a short rest, bath and come out again drink tea with Sam.

Monday, supposing we had to wake up early and eat ‘Dim Sum’, well, all of us woke up late and ended up ate chicken rice ball in Jonker Street. After eating ice, King, San and Yin went back to Cyber. I went back to sleep. Can’t remembered how long I slept, I went to had dinner with Nicole afterward. I helped her to mark her student exam paper in Xuan Café. Then I meet up with Xiao Wen at pool center.

Tuesday, I play mahjong at Xiao Wen’s house; I lost about 2 bugs in the game. When I reached home after the game, I helped in my father restaurant awhile, then went out to drink tea with Chui Ying, Xin Rou, Shaun and Glen in Old Town. We were crapping at there and Nicole came and joined us together with Chris.

Wednesday, means today, I did nothing except watching drama at home, and wrote this blog at Bonami Café. Hehe… Anyway, wish all my friend (who is studying in MMU), happy holiday and have a nice day.